募集職種詳細 / Job description

研究本部 / Research Division

タンパク質科学・分子間相互作用解析分野の専門性を有する研究員 / Research Scientist - Protein Science/Molecular Interaction Analysis

職務内容/Job duties 募集の背景:
創薬体制強化の一つとして,2021年4月にタンパク質科学を専門とする部署を新設しました。当部署は原子・分子レベルでの薬物の作用機序の理解により分子設計へ貢献することをミッションとする,ターゲットとなるタンパク質や生体分子全般の責任部署です。ターゲット分子について調製や構造解析,相互作用解析,機能解析等,wet/dryの両面からアプローチし原子・分子レベルで生命現象の理解に取り組んでいます。プロジェクト数の増加に加え,ターゲット分子ハンドリングの難易度上昇,更にはmolecular MoAの複雑性増大に伴い,タンパク質科学研究機能を強化する必要性は急速に高まっています。


Background to recruitment:
 We will embrace job applications from professional researchers who are willing to take on the challenge of becoming a top innovator in the healthcare industry to realize advanced and sustainable patient-centered medical treatment.
 Having created a number of innovative new drugs through our unique scientific and technological development, we aim to drastically improve our drug discovery capabilities next 10 years to double our current R&D output and become a company capable of launching innovative, in-house-developed global products every year.
 As part of our efforts to strengthen our drug discovery system, we created a new department specializing in protein science in April 2021. This department is responsible for target proteins and biomolecules as a whole, with the mission of contributing to molecular designs by understanding the mechanisms of drug action at the atomic and molecular level. We are plugging away to comprehend biological phenomena at the atomic and molecular level by approaching target molecules from both wet and dry methods, including preparation, structural analysis, interaction analysis, and functional analysis. In addition to the increase in the number of projects, the need to strengthen the protein science research function is promptly growing due to the increasingly formidable challenge in handling target molecules and the increasing complexity of molecular MoA.

Description of work:
Promote drug discovery research and technology research projects through expertise on protein science as well as molecular interaction analysis.  
応募資格/Qualifications 求める経験
・in-vitro cell free assay系の構築を含む業務経験があることが望ましい

Desired experience:
・Approximately over 3-year-experience of practical business establishing physicochemical interaction analyses at molecular level such as SPR.
・Experience on establishing in-vitro cell free assay will be considered plus.
・Experience on establishing expression and purification of recombinant proteins will be considered plus.


Desired skills/knowledge/abilities:
・Able to set up research plans to solve issues by using his/her own knowledge and/or surveying through publications etc.
・Able to conduct multiple expereriments simultaneously


Desired competencies:
・Accurately understand needs through dialogue with stakeholders, think through the ideal situation, and set own goals
・Identify the critical issues, work strategically, and persistently pursue results, even in difficult situtations
・Exercise leadership and promote business, getting supports from surrounding members, and establish good relationship

・一定以上の英語力(目安:TOEIC 730点以上)

Desired Qualifications:
・Those who have a Master's degree in medicine, pharmacy, science, agriculture or engineering and preferably have a Ph.D.
・Proficient English skills required (TOEIC score: 730 or above)


Position Features:
By using expertise on protein science centering molecular interaction analyses, candidate can contribute to Chugai's innovative drug discovery research, which leads to global health.
待遇/Salary & Benefits 当社規定により優遇いたします

To be decided in accordance with our criteria



The notification of working conditions will be made in an electronic file.
If you apply, please understand this point. 
勤務地/Location 中外ライフサイエンスパーク横浜

Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama